Mindfulness Based Art Therapy Group

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The group will start in September 2014 in the North Sufflok town of Southwold

It combines a short taught practice of mindful meditation at the beginning of the session

The group is aimed at people who are experiencing: recurring: anxiety, low mood and mild to moderate depression. In the NIHCE guidelines mindfulness meditation is recommended for mild to moderate depression and allied symptoms

Through the use of a variety of art materials the Art Therapist  offers the client an opportunity to express conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. These  can be explored and made visual in the safety of the Art Therapy group. Exploring the creativity latent in us all, not only allows for personal insight and discovery of our strengths, but can vastly enrich our lives with new beginnings.

You don’t need to be “good at Art” A quick scribble can sometimes mean more than a finished picture

To find out more please contact:

Philippa Champain on 07980459547

email: philippa.champain@btinternet.com

Or Jo Bissonnet on 01508484081

email: jobissonnet@gmail.com